Timmie: The New Kid On My Playground


Please get me out of here!  This place is not a happy one, I hear other dogs crying all day and all night.


Then a nice lady came and swooped me up into her arms.  She took me for a car ride and I got to sit in this cool car seat that boosted me up so I could see what was all around me.


Timmie 20150504

She took me to where she lives and put food in a bowl for me, and there were other dogs there.  None of them were crying, and we all had our own beds to sleep in, and a nice yard to play and run around in.



Well, I guess this is my new home now, and I get to sleep on this big bed with my new pawrents and that little tiny Pommie named Annabella.  She’s the one with the red tail.



4 thoughts on “Timmie: The New Kid On My Playground

  1. Timmie you have hit the Lotto!! Now you are Annabella’s brother. You will have a wonderful life with great people!!


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