Following in Bella’s pawprints…

Hello, everypawdy *Annabella waves paw*!  This is my very first Blog post, and I am very excited about this.  You see, my older sister was very good at this, being a prolific writer and television star.   Bella was the star of two TV commercials for 1-800-PetMeds and wrote a blog under the title “Being Bella.”   Bella had a very charmed life and was beloved by so many.  Her passing was  sudden, unexpected, and traumatic.   My pawrents have always advocated in favor of getting a new pup right away and began their search within a week.  This will be the topic of another blog, because it is so interesting and complex that I just can’t address it here.    I am just a young pup trying to make my own place in the world that is much bigger than I am.  Lucky for me, I have pawrents who can guide me through this maze.  Together we are having loads of fun and we look forward to writing good blogs that will make you want to keep coming back for more!

Love, Annabella

This is me.  I am Annabella. Photocredit: Annabelle Denmark Photography

6 thoughts on “Following in Bella’s pawprints…

  1. Annabella, Bella placed a Tiara on your head and gave you a special blessing, that through you she can continue to reach out to your Mom and Dad, and know that when they think of Bella, it’s because Bella’s spirit wants to be with them through you. You both are different girls, but the spirits intertwines making you, Annabella a very special girl.


  2. Annabella, I agree that Bella’s spirit lives on through you, but I still miss her so very much …. she took a piece of my heart with her when she left. I look forward to all your blogs …. Much Love ~ BIL Teddi Bear ❤


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