Mommy and I went to the BlogPaws 2016 Conference in Arizona for the first time last month and what a great time we had!  If you are interested in pet and blogging, then start there!

Annabella Pomeranian at BlogPaws Conference 2016
Annabella Pomeranian at BlogPaws Conference 2016

Mommy drove us there since we live in California, so we had LOTS of room in our Yukon to bring home tons of swag.  There were lots of vendors with everything from A to Z for pets, and  we have been busy working through the samples that we got.   Here is just a part of everything we got the first day that we were there:

Annabella Pomeranian's swagbag
Our BlogPaws Conference 2016 swagbag!

So,  I told Mommy what I liked best out of all the food samples and this is what we decided to buy first once the sample was gone:  Proper Toppers from The Honest Kitchen and Grain-Free Dehydrated Food from Addiction Foods.  Our first order, placed through Amazon.com arrived this morning!

The Honest Kitchen and Addiction: dehydrated raw foods
The Honest Kitchen and Addiction: dehydrated raw foods

First, I need to say that Mommy and I are not paid by either company (or any company) to say nice things about their products.  She feeds me a commercially-produced raw food diet already, but this is a way for me to get some variety by switching up the brands and the flavors.  Mommy likes to make sure that I get a COMPLETE and BALANCED diet as well, and both of these meet that standard.  I gobbled down the samples, so that was my way of letting her know that they both met MY taste standard.
For those of you who are just “thinking” about introducing your dog to a raw diet, perhaps the Proper Toppers would be a good place to start.  Two choices, Chicken or Turkey, make it easy.  I don’t know about you, but Mommy gets herself overloaded when there are TOO many choices and TOO many decisions to have to make.  Here there are only two and, for me, a fowl is a fowl.  Both are yummy.   Proper Toppers can be added to your dog’s current menu as a way to slowly introduce the raw ingredients.  They are bite-sized, crunchy, and made of all human-grade ingredients.
Addiction Foods, based in and manufactured in New Zealand,  is formulated by a “Holistic Veterinarian & Clinical Nutritionist” as stated right on the front of their box.  Raw meat (there are four flavors available), fruits and vegetables are air dried with no added grains, GMOs or fillers.   This food can also be added to your dog’s current menu to gradually introduce the raw ingredients diet.
I am already enjoying my  mealtime with these two new and interesting flavors.  If you have some suggestions for me to try (eh…qualifier: Mommy is not a great cook, so it has to be a commercially-produced  food) please leave me a comment.







It’s never to early to start thinking about your Holiday shopping, because as of this writing there are only 150 days left !  Everypawdy talk about getting their shopping done early, so let me help you with a really really really good gift-giving tip.

COPR Calendar

The Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue has a nice calendar for 2017 and guess who is on the cover!  Moi!  The calendar is available for order now and here is the link:  Save The Fluffs 2017 Pomeranian Calendar .  This is the pawfect gift for your Pomeranian furrends and you can feel good about helping homeless Pomeranians at COPR.




Timmie: The New Kid On My Playground


Please get me out of here!  This place is not a happy one, I hear other dogs crying all day and all night.


Then a nice lady came and swooped me up into her arms.  She took me for a car ride and I got to sit in this cool car seat that boosted me up so I could see what was all around me.


Timmie 20150504

She took me to where she lives and put food in a bowl for me, and there were other dogs there.  None of them were crying, and we all had our own beds to sleep in, and a nice yard to play and run around in.



Well, I guess this is my new home now, and I get to sleep on this big bed with my new pawrents and that little tiny Pommie named Annabella.  She’s the one with the red tail.